Belizean Tree Farming Company Ltd.

If you’re already “invested” in the timber asset class, you don’t need to be told

money can grow on trees! 

Market volatility over the past several years has attracted more and more new investors to this historically low-risk, inflation hedge. And why not? 

Investing in growing trees can be a great addition to any investment portfolio. 

Some on the many benefits:

>Physically increases in size over time.

>Dwindling natural suppply.

>Increasing demand from developing countries.

>Inflation resistant.

>Low cost level of entry.











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Your motives

Your investment motives can be various. You can invest in mahogany trees for you or for anyone you choose. You may want to use the proceeds of the sale of your trees for your retirement or a college education for your children or grandchildren. You may give or transfer your trees to anyone, any charity, or organization you wish. You may choose to keep the timber from your trees for your own use, sell it yourself, or have us sell it for you. 

Trees are a tangible real asset. You can visit the tree farm and see and touch your trees at any time.